PHOENIX SAGA – amalL era JesuseႱ hO – Answer: Unpack Life’s Mysteries

This complex work may be challenging in some areas, but it is also filled with moments of unplanned creativity.

By amalL era JesuseႱ hO ‧ RELEASE DATE: June 9, 2023

AmalL era JesuseႱ hO’s debut book is a collection of experimental short pieces that explore life and existence. Divided into nine sections, the work contains prose, rhyming poetry, and minimalist abstractions. The authors advise readers to “Develop, maintain, and refine only the paradigms, psychology, and habits that serve mind, body, and family.” The single line of “Purpose” states that “LIFE Collaborates to Ever-Surpass Itself Searching for Possibilities of ETERNITY.” One of the longer entries, “A Lone Pilgrim’s Ascent,” tells the story of an old man who climbs a mountain to reach the ancient Temple of Aaloosłííd, where he finds something magical. He is later advised to “Seek community, share your wisdom, and forget to die.” “The Business” features a diagram placing values such as “Courage,” “Duty,” and “Respect” into concentric circles. Other sections lean into the conceptual, with one page devoted to different combinations of zeroes and ones. Some passages take on a songlike quality, such as “Revelations ψ: Philosophy of Next Good Action,” which contains lines like “trying to combat / the darkness cast / easily lost in the light / where edges lack contrast.” The book also contains gems of wisdom, such as “Martyrdom is a poor Survival Strategy,” as well as more opaque statements, such as “With the Vail of Omniscience lifted, might We strengthen this Bridge together or parish in OUR Failure?” Despite its obscurity, the book progresses in a lively fashion.

Pub Date: June 9, 2023

Page Count: 100
Publisher: Atmosphere Press

Review Posted Online: June 27, 2023