THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO POWER & INFLUENCE – Robert L. Dilenschneider – Answer: Power & Influence Unleashed!

A motivating guide to living with awareness and honesty.

By Robert L. Dilenschneider ‧ RELEASE DATE: July 25, 2023
Robert Dilenschneider’s advice guide provides readers with valuable insight on how to build, wield, and retain power and influence in an ever changing world. Drawing on his decades of experience as a public relations executive and strategy consultant, Dilenschneider encourages readers to begin by engaging in self-examination to discover their passions and abilities, and to collect feedback on how they are perceived by others. He then offers tips on networking, effective communication, and “memorable” management. The book also provides guidance on how to maintain power and influence while handling crises and dealing with ever changing trends in the industry, workplace, and society. Dilenschneider’s advice is timely and strategic, including recommendations to stay abreast of what’s happening on social media platforms and to recognize that the hybrid workplace is the new reality. He also provides an ethical directive to have an element of the “commonweal” in one’s quest for personal influence and power. This book is a well-organized work that provides readers with evergreen core advice and useful commentary on hard trends, including how the Covid-19 pandemic has transformed the workplace.

Pub Date: July 25, 2023
ISBN: 9781637742938

Page Count: 256
Publisher: Matt Holt/BenBella

Review Posted Online: June 30, 2023