THE ZING FLING – Dee G. Suberla – Explore Waiderfled!

A captivating story that promotes optimism with elements reminiscent of Dr. Seuss and Lewis Carroll.

By Dee G. Suberla ‧ RELEASE DATE: N/A

Joey Rheelat is the protagonist of Suberla’s middle-grade fantasy novel. He is a schoolboy with a penchant for getting into trouble, and his life has been marked by tragedy since his father’s death. His relationship with his mother’s new husband, George, is strained, as George’s attempts at bonding often make Joey feel small. Joey’s eccentricity of sleeping on a waterbed leads to a magical encounter with Wheedles of Waiderfled, the Eighteenth King of the Zing Fling, who transports Joey to an absurdist world. There, Joey encounters strange creatures, shape-shifters, and crystal trees. He also discovers the ho-drees, which symbolize hopes and dreams and are present around any young person. Unfortunately, Joey accidentally utters the most taboo of all words, and the ho-drees become inert. He is then taken back to Waiderfled, where he must embark on a pilgrimage to find the Ho-dree Doctor, who has been abducted by the cronelike Haidderdred. Joey’s heirloom Polaroid camera develops unusual powers in Waiderfled, and the story culminates in a literal shower of sweetness and light. Along the way, Joey learns lessons in self-confidence and can-do spirit. This whimsical and enjoyable material is reminiscent of the works of Dr. Seuss, Lewis Carroll, and Norton Juster. However, some parents may be taken aback that Joey utters an expletive.

Pub Date: N/A

Page Count: –
Publisher: Oak Line Press

Review Posted Online: June 30, 2023