WHEN SHADOWS GROW TALL – Maressa Voss – Unlock Epic Adventure!

An exciting journey that will captivate readers.

By Maressa Voss ‧ RELEASE DATE: June 1, 2024

Unlock Epic Adventure

Mysterious and magical, Voss’ fantasy novel is full of unlikely heroes. Dactyli are elemental magicians who can access the memories of the Earth, and have been protecting and preserving living history for thousands of years. However, a deadly threat is looming in the form of Alev, a rogue fire mage who is supporting a cruel king. He orders the murders of all male children believed to be nascent dactyli, but a forest woman with the white flare, the ability to wield all elements, appears to restore justice. Along with her two dactyli allies, Lovelace and Gunnar, and their brave allies, Pif and Ailwin, she embarks on a journey to restore peace and foster respect for the land.

Maressa Voss

The story is full of vivid descriptions and intricate history, and readers will be swept into an unusual landscape that is both familiar and strange. Along the way, they will experience scenes of fast-paced action and dangerous magic, and will have to decide whom they can trust. Although the villain is responsible for the slaying of children, and one victim is described in detail, the work also contains great beauty and a sense of hope. Readers will be eagerly awaiting a sequel to this captivating story.

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Pub Date: June 1, 2024

Page Count: 342
Publisher: Manuscript

Review Posted Online: June 23, 2023