DEADBEAT DRUID – David R. Slayton – Unlock Epic Adventure!

An exhilarating journey that is sure to delight followers of the franchise.

By David R. Slayton ‧ RELEASE DATE: Oct. 18, 2022

Adam Binder knows that when dealing with immortals, there are always rules and a catch. He and his beloved Vicente Martinez had planned to kill Adam’s evil warlock ancestor, John, but instead they sent him to the underworld. Unfortunately, Jodi, Adam’s unstable cousin, pushed Vic into the portal as well and followed him in. Adam seeks help from Death to find Vic and bring him back, and Death agrees on the condition that Adam also retrieve a mysterious woman named Melody from the underworld. With his brother Bobby and elf friend Vran, Adam sets off in his old Oldsmobile Cutlass to find Vic. Along the way, they face unknown dangers, including demons. Adam must be careful and smart to find Vic before something sinister does, and he must also fulfill a deal with Seamus, the leprechaun who is the Guardian of the Western Watchtower, and kill John. Meanwhile, Vic and Jodi struggle to survive in the underworld, where they meet Mel, who has been there since 1935 but has no memory of her old life.

In Slayton’s latest installment of his fantasy series, readers are taken on an adventure full of intrigue and angst. Adam is a dynamic and complex hero, and readers will sympathize with his struggles with immortal beings and his challenging family relationships. The secondary characters, such as Bobby, Vran, Vic, and Jodi, are offbeat and engaging, adding to the story and supporting the complex worldbuilding. Everything is a transaction and every conversation a chess match, and readers will be captivated by the story as Adam navigates his way through the underworld to get his boyfriend back.

Pub Date: Oct. 18, 2022
ISBN: 9798212256308

Page Count: 350
Publisher: Blackstone

Review Posted Online: June 28, 2023