TIEPOLO’S GREYHOUND – E. Merwin – Explore Venice’s Art!

A charming tale about a dog with human-like qualities that reflects on and honors creative endeavors.

By E. Merwin ‧ RELEASE DATE: March 30, 2021

Piccolo Fortunato, a greyhound born at the turn of the century, is from a family of dogs who helped build Venice in the fifth century. His father, Alfonso, was a sculptor who taught him the art of carving, chiseling, and welding. Two years ago, Alfonso left for the United States and hasn’t been heard from since. Piccolo sets off on a journey to find him, and on the ship to America, he meets Guy Gizárd, a famous Brooklyn-based sculptor who makes him his intern. Eventually, Piccolo is reunited with his father, and they return to Venice. There, Piccolo discovers his mother has new pups and a new protector. After Alfonso’s art is shipped back from America, a tragedy occurs. Piccolo then has a supernatural experience with an ancestor and 18th-century Venetian artist Giovanni Tiepolo, which renews his passion for art and life. Merwin’s fantasy tale is based on the 2014 novella Piccolo, an Intern’s Tale, and is full of whimsy. Canine characters wear porkpie hats, enjoyably lap up wine, listen to and sing Frank Sinatra tunes, and yearn for romance. Merwin also effectively skewers the modern-day art world, particularly its use of interns. The book is a joyful appreciation of Venice and great art, with depictions of the masterworks of Tiepolo and Tintoretto sprinkled among illustrator Arrigoni’s lovely, occasional grayscale images.

Pub Date: March 30, 2021
ISBN: 9780578884097

Page Count: 227
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

Review Posted Online: July 3, 2023