THE DEPTH OF HER TOUCH – Kathryn Carr – Healing Trauma Through Science

An intriguing combination of portraits and scientific explanations.

By Kathryn Carr ‧ RELEASE DATE: N/A

Svetlana Masgutova is a pioneering figure in the field of science, having developed a therapeutic system to help those with physical trauma. Her great-grandfather was renowned for his healing abilities, and this was passed down to her great-grandmother, who taught her the techniques. At the age of 14, Masgutova was determined to become a body-oriented psychologist, partly due to the traumas she experienced as a young person. Her research led to the development of Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration, which is designed to support motor, communication, and cognitive development, as well as emotional and behavioral regulation, stress resilience, and immune system support. Primary reflexes are at the core of this system, and can be hindered by trauma, but also reintegrated through touch therapy. Masgutova has treated 380,000 people in 40 countries, and has faced personal tragedy, including the murder of her sister and the death of her son. The author of the biography, Carr, was able to witness the power of MNRI first-hand, as she treated Carr’s son, who was born with a genetic disorder. This book is both scientifically informative and inspiring, and conveys Masgutova’s philosophy of life: that our children and those around us are our greatest teachers, and we should use techniques to support their positive development and alleviate suffering.

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ISBN: 9781619660120

Page Count: 218
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Review Posted Online: July 3, 2023