RUNNERS – Justin Hale – Unlock Humanity’s Fate!

A fast-paced, technologically advanced thriller that provides an enjoyable experience with familiar elements.

By Justin Hale ‧ RELEASE DATE: June 27, 2023

Justin Hale

In Hale’s SF thriller, a group of gunrunners find themselves in the middle of an unexpected crisis. The human population of Nera is mainly located in huge cities with tall, technologically advanced “smart” buildings. It has been 300 years since nanotechnology saved the planet’s inhabitants from ecological destruction. The story begins in the Serana Metro, where an operative is carrying a document that is essential to the liberation of humanity from the powerful corporations and the Triumvirate, the planet’s all-encompassing religion.

Unlock Humanity's Fate

Deputy Marshal Akira Sudo has discovered a strange substance at one of her crime scenes and is determined to investigate it, despite warnings that those who ask too many questions will be punished. Hale keeps the story moving at a fast pace, alternating between tech descriptions and action sequences. His cast of characters includes some familiar movie stereotypes, such as Akira’s boss who yells at her for being stubborn and insubordinate. Despite the clichéd material, Hale’s ideas and explosions keep the story going, leading to a satisfying climax that ties all the plot threads together.

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Pub Date: June 27, 2023
ISBN: 9798987286500

Page Count: 266
Publisher: Indie Roots Media

Review Posted Online: June 23, 2023