EMBERS OF ETERNITY – Brianna R. Shaffery – Unlock Epic Adventure!

A stellar ensemble of actors stars in this entertaining story set in a magical, distant place.

By Brianna R. Shaffery ‧ RELEASE DATE: May 24, 2023

Nyla, a 17-year-old from the medieval-like realm of Tenebris, has just survived a battle with the powerful sorceress Dinora. But now she is bound by a curse to a manor house, and her newfound magic is not enough to free her. To escape, she must enlist the help of her friends: Xander, a potential romantic interest, and Shamira, a female, magic-wielding, catlike creature called a “pumpkie” who communicates telepathically. Dinora is determined to destroy Tenebris, and the trio must find a way to warn the citizens of the impending war. Shaffery’s second installment of her series continues the story with reminders of the preceding book’s events. The characters are endearing, particularly Nyla and Xander’s budding romance and descriptions of Shamira’s unique features. The novel builds up to the inevitable clash with evil, and Dinora appears only occasionally. Nyla and her comrades must find a way to break the curse and protect Tenebris from Dinora’s creatures. The author’s vivid prose paints a picture of the characters and their surroundings, from the “scarlet and plum leaves” to Nyla’s “silver hair and lilac-colored eyes.” This installment of the series serves as a setup for the trilogy’s finale, and readers will be eager to see how the story ends.

Pub Date: May 24, 2023
ISBN: 9798986173238

Page Count: 402
Publisher: Brs Writes L.L.C.

Review Posted Online: July 4, 2023