THE UNEXPECTED HOSTAGE – Allison McKenzie – Romance & Espionage!

This captivating first novel is driven by a thrilling journey and a passionate love story.

By Allison McKenzie ‧ RELEASE DATE: N/A

Tess Bennett is an American tech executive who is having a difficult week, trying to cope with her personal demons at a London punk club. Her troubles only worsen when she is taken hostage by terrorists while filling in for her boss at a conference. Along with Mark Nygaard, a widowed Norwegian doctor, Tess must find a way to escape and prevent the terrorists from stealing an encryption computer code called Firefly. As they plot their daring escape, a romance blossoms between them.

After Tess and Mark manage to get away, the extortionists target her boss, David Kingsley, CEO of Kingsley Tech. Tess and Mark must work together to save him and keep the software out of the wrong hands. It turns out that the software was developed by Tess’ late fiance, Kyle, who was killed in a car accident a year before. Tess and Mark investigate the case and discover that it was no accident, but murder.

In her debut novel, McKenzie creates a thrilling adventure with a tender romance between Tess and Mark. The plot is intricate and the characters are well-developed. Tess is a strong and determined woman, and her relationship with Mark is genuine and organic. Hopefully Tess and Mark will return in future volumes for more exciting adventures.

Pub Date: N/A
ISBN: 9781509249831

Page Count: 376
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc.

Review Posted Online: June 30, 2023