THE CIRCUMFERENCE OF THE WORLD – Lavie Tidhar – Unlock the Universe!

An intriguing look at the dangers and predictions of the science fiction universe.

By Lavie Tidhar ‧ RELEASE DATE: Sept. 5, 2023


Delia Welegtabit was born on a remote island, where her closeness to the stars gave her a passion for mathematics. In 2001, she was married to Levi Armstrong, another mathematician who wanted to make sense of the universe. When Levi goes missing while searching for a legendary science-fiction novel, Lode Stars by Eugene Charles Hartley, Delia hires a disabled book dealer, Daniel Chase, to bring him home. Daniel is soon contacted by Oskar Lens, a mysterious figure whose delusions and paranoia make him a dangerous enemy.

Lavie Tidhar

The novel is a combination of contemporary, nostalgic, and retro elements, and is structured like a whodunit, but with heavy philosophical themes and Beat influences. It is revealed that Hartley’s book speculates that all of us are sentient memories inside a black hole, and that predatory parasites called “eaters” will consume them unless they have a coded copy of Lode Stars, which will protect them. Robert Heinlein drunkenly suggests to Hartley that he should start his own religion to make money, which leads to the creation of the Church of the All-Seeing Eyes. Although the plot may seem confusing, Tidhar’s vivid depiction of the golden age of science fiction, his unique characters, and his clever writing make this an enjoyable read.

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Pub Date: Sept. 5, 2023
ISBN: 9781616963620

Page Count: 256
Publisher: Tachyon

Review Posted Online: June 21, 2023
Kirkus Reviews Issue: July 15, 2023