JUSTICE IS COMING – Cenk Uygur – Hope, Love, Equality

A hopeful prediction that a more sensible and just political system will replace the current one.

By Cenk Uygur ‧ RELEASE DATE: Sept. 19, 2023

Cenk Uygur, the founder of the Young Turks, expresses a hopeful outlook that the current polarization will eventually lead to a left-leaning democracy. He is highly critical of the Republican Party, claiming that those who voted for Trump did not do so based on policy or a platform, but rather for racism, cruelty, and authoritarianism. Uygur believes that the majority of Americans are not fundamentally conservative, and that they are in favor of social safety nets and opposed to social injustice and the suppression of civil rights. This is why young voters are so overwhelmingly left-leaning, with 60% of those polled believing socialism to be more humane than capitalism. Uygur is adamant that the Republican Party will not be able to pass any extreme laws, such as making Trump president for life or stripping civil rights away from the LGBTQ+ community, despite the fearmongering among progressives. He believes that progressives will ultimately win by showing love to their conservative brothers and sisters, as love does not make one smaller, but larger.

Pub Date: Sept. 19, 2023
ISBN: 9781250272799

Page Count: 320
Publisher: St. Martin’s

Review Posted Online: yesterday
Kirkus Reviews Issue: Aug. 1, 2023