A thrilling tale of crime and mystery with intricate plotting and a strong, multi-faceted main character.

By J.C. Ceron ‧ RELEASE DATE: Aug. 30, 2022

In Ceron’s thrilling novel, Detective First Grade Miles Jordan of the New York Police Department and the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force is in Venice, Italy, as part of a counterterrorism mission. His goal is to use captured sleeper agent Aarzam El-Hashem as bait to catch the Scorpion, a terrorist assumed to be targeting the Israeli prime minister. However, the task force’s plans go awry and the arrogant Col. Giuseppe Marino of the Venice Carabinieri blames Miles. The Scorpion sees Miles’ persistence and out-of-the-box thinking as a real threat. Miles is about to be removed from the case by a racist American special agent, but a clandestine meeting with a CIA operative opens new lines of inquiry and buys him more time. The novel’s fast-paced plot includes a meeting with an anti-Islam cardinal, an encounter with a terrorist Catholic fanatics group, and a possible mole within the Carabinieri. The villains are somewhat shallowly developed, but the story’s emotional resonance is strong, particularly in the tale of Nabeel Haddad, a desperate father caught up in the plot, and Miles’ relationship with Kamaria Uba of the Carabinieri. With time running out, Miles must race against the clock to stop the terrorist attack in Venice.

Pub Date: Aug. 30, 2022
ISBN: 979-8986255415

Page Count: 354
Publisher: Gold Coast Press

Review Posted Online: June 28, 2023