An overview of financial concepts seen through the perspective of honeybees.

By Henry J. Svec ‧ RELEASE DATE: Jan. 30, 2023

Henry and Mary Svec have created a personal finance primer inspired by beehives. The authors use the metaphor of beehives to illustrate the principles of capitalism and industry, and have written the book for parents and children to share. Grandfatherly wisdom is imparted to the reader through 10 lessons, which are drawn from the hives and applied to personal finance. These lessons include “Focus, Specialize and Be Efficient,” “Recycle,” “Be Strong, But Fight Only When Needed,” and “Know the Probability of Success.” Each chapter begins with a story from the world of bees, introduces a “Smart Money Lesson,” and ends with an investment tip. The beekeeping stories are based on scientific observation and reflect the reality of the honeybee life cycle, and the Svecs make clear connections between what the bees do and how humans can use similar tactics to build up savings, choose a place to live, and develop specialized skills. However, some of the book’s economic assumptions appear to be more idealistic than realistic, and the authors do not explore how a town of 4,000 might serve the same needs as an expensive urban area. Readers in the United States may be surprised by the book’s Canadian focus, but aside from a few items, the financial advice is applicable to readers in all parts of the world.

Pub Date: Jan. 30, 2023
ISBN: 9781989346983

Page Count: 92
Publisher: The Publishing Shop

Review Posted Online: June 29, 2023