THE QUEST FOR AVALON – Nikki Bennett – Survive the Apocalypse!

This sorrowful story of endurance is driven by a combination of familiar environmental worries and fear of the coronavirus pandemic.

By Nikki Bennett ‧ RELEASE DATE: N/A

Survive the Apocalypse

A group of people escaping the aftermath of a series of pandemics and plagues that have decimated much of the world’s population, make their way to a survival bunker on a private island. Led by Grant, the son of a successful inventor, the group is equipped with solar devices that allow them to maintain some level of technology. However, they are not safe from the dangers of the outside world, and are forced to flee an advancing wildfire.

Nikki Bennett

Taking to the sea in a small boat, they make their way to Avalon, a rocky private island where Grant had the foresight to build Camelot, a shelter. Here, four characters take turns narrating their story, including Miriam, Pearl, and Mike. As supplies dwindle and safety measures fail, the group is forced to confront the reality of their situation, and the bleakness of their future. With its references to literature and its unique future-speak slang, Bennett’s speculative thriller is a fatalistic tale of deprivation, entropy, and regret. Comparable to The Mosquito Coast, it is a story of introspection and worst-case-scenario survival.

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Pub Date: N/A

Page Count: 353
Publisher: Manuscript

Review Posted Online: June 25, 2023