A thought-provoking portrayal of filmmaking that is perfect for those who appreciate romance.

By Patricia Leavy ‧ RELEASE DATE: Oct. 10, 2023

A group of renowned movie stars have relocated to Sweden to film an unconventional movie, as depicted in Leavy’s novel. Jean Mercier, a French avant-garde filmmaker, has cast a variety of fan-favorite celebrities, including a former teen idol and an action-adventure star. As per Mercier’s instructions, the actors must live together on location for the duration of the shoot. Of particular interest is 42-year-old Finn Forrester, who attempts to break up with his long-term girlfriend, Savannah, before departing. Savannah, however, insists that Finn wait until his return to make any decisions. Two weeks into the shoot, the American philosopher and artist Ella Sinclair arrives on set, and Finn is instantly smitten. Ella appears to be Mercier’s muse, and Finn is uncertain if it is appropriate to pursue her. As the two grow closer, Finn contemplates how his life would be without Ella in it, while Ella worries that Finn is not being honest about his intention to end his existing relationship. Readers are taken on a delightful will-they, won’t-they journey as the cast of actors become increasingly close, and many of their lives are changed forever. Throughout the book, the cast, a cerebral group, engage in thought-provoking philosophical debates about art, sex, films, and more. Each character is more captivating than the last, and the stay in the Swedish home appears to be enjoyable. However, there are moments when excessive detail slows the otherwise lively narrative; much of the story takes place over meals, in which characters order food one after the other. Additionally, there is a lack of detail about the setting that could help ground the reader in the action. Despite this, the intellectual conversations throughout the book are fresh and engaging, and will keep readers turning the pages.

Pub Date: Oct. 10, 2023
ISBN: 9781647425678

Page Count: 224
Publisher: She Writes Press

Review Posted Online: June 26, 2023