A SUDDEN INTEREST IN SHAKESPEARE – Paul Breen – Unlock the Mystery!

A captivating puzzle supported by an irresistibly mischievous protagonist.

By Paul Breen ‧ RELEASE DATE: today

Seamus O’Neill, a barfly and Midwestern rock musician, is the protagonist of Breen’s mystery novel. His background in music helps him to recognize when something is off in his investigations. When Mary Hoffman, one of his former lovers, asks for help in finding her brother Tom, Seamus is all ears. Tom has withdrawn a large sum of money and has a shoe box full of fake documents, as well as a newfound interest in Shakespeare. Shortly after, Kathy Siler hires John Ryder, Seamus’ boss at the Ryder Detective Agency, to help find her missing father, multimillionaire Bertram Newman, who also has a sudden interest in the Bard. Seamus and the beautiful police detective Erin Meyer investigate multiple suspects, including Tom’s roommate. The novel has an easy pace, believable dialogue, and scenes that string together cohesively. However, some sections, such as the one about Seamus’ fellow musician being shot, do not move the story along. Additionally, the name-checking of brand-name drinks falls flat. The references to the previous book in the series are unobtrusive, and it is interesting to see Seamus evolve from a dive-bar musician to a thoughtful investigator. He is drawn to Erin because of her desire to help people, but her long legs are also worth a look.

Pub Date: today
ISBN: 9798986208336

Page Count: 300
Publisher: Dutch Hollow Press

Review Posted Online: June 30, 2023