A NORN IN BLOOM – Jennifer Anglade Dahlberg – Uncover Identity Mystery

A heartfelt tale that is hindered by its lack of focus in its writing.

By Jennifer Anglade Dahlberg ‧ RELEASE DATE: N/A

Uncover Identity Mystery

Zoë Holmgren is an 18-year-old biracial girl living on the Swedish island of Nornö with her mother, Linn. She discovers that her Black American father is not dead, as her mother had always told her. Linn had been in a drunken haze for most of Zoë’s life, but recently achieved sobriety.

Jennifer Anglade Dahlberg

During an outing with a friend, Linn meets a stranger at a bar and soon after, Manhattanite Camilla Easton, a former model, moves to Nornö with her son and husband. Camilla and Linn form an unlikely friendship, but Linn keeps her tryst with Wes a secret. Zoë is working on tracking down her dad, but keeps this from her mother. Dahlberg incorporates elements of Norse mythology into the narrative, and paints a picture of beautiful scenery. However, the story gets bogged down by excessive exposition and an overabundance of details, causing the plot to feel unfocused. The ending rushes to tie up its many loose threads.

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Pub Date: N/A

Page Count: –
Publisher: Manuscript

Review Posted Online: June 25, 2023