THE RULES FOR WHISTLEBLOWERS – Stephen M. Kohn – “Expose Fraud & Misconduct”

A must-have guide that is comprehensive and highly engaging.

By Stephen M. Kohn ‧ RELEASE DATE: June 1, 2023


For those considering becoming whistleblowers in their organizations, there are a variety of resources and advice available. The U.S. has implemented laws to protect whistleblowers, such as the Dodd-Frank Act, which has been incredibly successful. According to the 2022 Whistleblower’s Annual Report, corporations have paid over $100 billion in fines, saving an estimated $1 trillion.

Stephen M. Kohn

Additionally, the government has paid out over $10 billion to whistleblowers through qui tam legislation, which dates back to 1779. Kohn provides detailed advice on how to protect oneself as a whistleblower, such as being confidential, documenting everything, and not tipping off the wrong people. He also addresses the doubts and insecurities potential whistleblowers may have, such as feeling like they are betraying their colleagues or if they should record misconduct. Kohn is an authoritative guide, making this niche subject interesting and gripping.

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Pub Date: June 1, 2023
ISBN: 9781493072804

Page Count: 440
Publisher: Lyons Press

Review Posted Online: June 23, 2023