BIG, BAD BEEPLE BUMPS – Amanda M. Ferris – “Cooperation and Altruism”

This book is charming and subtle, making it an ideal addition to a young person’s collection.

By Amanda M. Ferris ‧ RELEASE DATE: N/A

Jocelyn, a young girl with a tan skin tone and black hair, is having difficulty connecting with her friends. Her mother takes her to her uncle Brandt’s beehives, where he shows her around and introduces her to the Queen Bee. Through this experience, Jocelyn learns about the importance of cooperation and how bees must work together to feed the world. She discovers that each bee has a role, such as finding food, caring for the youngest, cleaning, and making honey. This concept of “Beeples”—bees and people—working together is highlighted in the narrative, emphasizing the idea that when we give back to others, we also give to ourselves and to the world around us. The illustrations by Sikorskaia, which appear both within the text and on standalone pages, use a bold color palette to convey the emotions of the story. This book is subtle and lacks didacticism, thereby enhancing the story while conveying its theme of altruism and cooperation. It is a beautiful picture book that may be challenging for some young children to understand, but it is a great way to teach them about the importance of social connectedness.

Pub Date: N/A
ISBN: 9781643438634

Page Count: 32
Publisher: Beaver’s Pond Press

Review Posted Online: June 26, 2023