Why GiftLit

At GiftLit we believe good books make great gifts. Books are a wonderful gift for many occasions, A book given should stand out and be worthy and enjoyable. GiftLit books are special because we work with many literary experts to carefully choose the best books in each category. If a book doesn't meet our quality standards, you won't find it in our collections.

Our experienced staff of booksellers, librarians, authors, buyers, and reviewers have curated ready-to-gift collections for readers of all types and ages. We work closely with publishers to find the best books in advance of their pub date so you can have the latest and greatest books delivered to you.

If you don't see what you want we can help you create it. Part of what makes us different from your standard book subscription box is knowing that you or your recipient might also be passionate readers too! With this in mind we developed the technology to offer two unique capabilities. First we allow both the customer and the recipient the ability to change any book in their subscription. We have invested in this technology because we believe this flexibility is very important to our customers confidence and satisfaction with their gift. Secondly, we also offer the ability to "Build Your Own" subscription box, which lets you choose any books for your 3, 6, or 12 months gift of books. If the book you're looking for isn't already in our immediate library, you can e-mail us at service@giftlit.com and we'll add it - there's nothing we love more than discovering new books!

Our Promise:
- Take the guesswork out of gifting. Your recipient will love Every Book. Every Month. Guaranteed. Whether they've already read a book or they have another title in mind, any book can be substituted for any other book in print.

- Don't know what to choose for a picky reader? Aren't up on the latest and greatest book trends? You don't have to be! Tell us anything about the person you'd like to send a gift to at service@giftlit.com and we'll find the perfect books for them. It's that easy.

- We have unparalleled customer service. Suggestions? Critiques? Praise? We will take it all at service@giftlit.com. There's nothing we love more than to hear from our gifters and readers.

Good Books Make Great Gifts