Encyclopedia of Rainbows

by Ream, Julie Seabrook (Author)

ISBN: 9781452155333

This playful collection of rainbows is a bright and beautiful appreciation of all the color that surrounds us. Artist Julie Seabrook Ream invites us to see the extraordinary beauty of ordinary objects: she gathers colorful iterations of a single type of thing, from feathers to fishing gear, matchbooks to macarons, and neatly arranges them in rainbow order. A fascinating index details all the objects in each rainbow, bringing the magnetic appeal of meticulous organization to this burst of color in book form. A striking package with a rainbow-colored spine makes this celebratory book a treasure for those who love art, design, and a fresh perspective.

Format: Hardcover, 176 pages

Publisher: Chronicle Books, March 2017

Product Dimensions: 7 L × 7 W × 0 H

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