One Day in December: A Novel

by Silver, Josie (Author)

ISBN: 9780525574682

An unabashedly romantic and original love story following the intertwined stories of two people who cross paths at a bus stop one day and spend the next decade circling each other's lives

When Jack and Laurie lock eyes at a bus stop one snowy day in December, they feel an overwhelming pull toward each other and scramble to connect before the bus, of course, drives away. They seem fated to find each other again-except they don't, not at first. Instead, after a year of searching, they reunite at Laurie's best friend's party, where Sarah giddily introduces Jack to Laurie as her new boyfriend.

As it moves between the twin perspectives of Jack and Laurie, and across continents and years, One Day in December is universal in its humanity and also poignant in its intimacy, adding a great deal of both scope and nuance to its romantic core. Framed by ten consecutive Christmases, One Day in December follows Jack and Laurie through missed opportunities, roads not taken, heartbreak, friendship, and destinies reconsidered. For fans of Jojo Moyes and Jill Santopolo and romantic comedies like Love Actually, this is a life-affirming, charming, and unforgettable love story.

Story Locale: London

Format: Paperback, 400 pages

Publisher: Broadway Books, October 2018

Product Dimensions: 8 L × 5.2 W × 0 H

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