Shades of Magic: The Steel Prince: Night of Knives

by Schwab, V. E. (Author), Setiawan, Budi (Author)

ISBN: 9781782762119

Written by #1 New York Times bestselling author V.E. Schwab and torn from the universe of the Shades of Magic sequence, this all-original comic book adventure continues the story begun in The Steel Prince - perfect for fans of bloody, swashbuckling adventure and gritty fantasy!

The young and arrogant prince Maxim Maresh, having faced the terror of the Pirate Queen, now aims to capture the respect of the combative port town of Verose - by taking the impossible challenges of the Night of Knives...and surviving, where none has survived before!

These are the hidden, secret adventures of Maxim, from long before he became the king of Red London and adoptive father to Kell, the lead of A Darker Shade of Magic!

Collects Shades of Magic #5-8: Night of Knives

Story Locale: Red London, Verose, the Blood Coast 2019 BNSMSC Disney Book Group

Format: Paperback, 112 pages

Publisher: Titan Comics, October 2019

Product Dimensions: 10.2 L × 6.7 W × 0.2 H

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