Trucks Galore

by Stein, Peter (Author), Staake, Bob (Author)

ISBN: 9780763689780

Strap in for a rousing, rumbling ode to trucks of all stripes, loaded with high-energy verse and whimsical illustrations. Trucks and MORE trucks! Open-door trucks! Heavy-load trucks! Shake-the-road trucks! Whether hauling dirt or carrying treats, hurrying to put out a fire or hailing from outer space, this endless array of big, noisy vehicles is a dream parade for every child who loves trucks. Revved up by Peter Stein's rhythmic verse, combined with Bob Staake's warm and witty illustrations, this is a road trip kids will want to take again and again.

Month*: 7

Age Range: From 4 to 8

Format: Hardcover, 32 pages

Publisher: Candlewick, October 2017

Product Dimensions: 10.6 L × 9.6 W × 0 H

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