The Kooky Kinkajou: The Nocturnals

by Hecht, Tracey (Author), Yee, Josie (Author)

ISBN: 9781944020255

Tobin, Bismark, and Dawn are bored. There's nothing to do! So when Karina the kinkajou comes along, she gives them a lesson on using their imaginations. Soon the three nocturnal friends are following Karina and the ‘sparkle sprite' over rivers, under waterfalls, and to the end of a rainbow.

Includes bonus Nocturnals fun facts with a glossary of kooky words (Ages 6-8) Themes include friendship and imagination. Visit the Nocturnals World online to download printable activities including makerspace crafts, sight word games, The Nocturnals kindness game, language arts educator guides, and more! Hachette Fall 19/Winter 20 Omnibus

Age Range: From 6 to 8

Format: Hardcover, 64 pages

Publisher: Fabled Films Press, September 2019

Product Dimensions: 9 L × 6 W × 0 H

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