A Time Traveler's Theory of Relativity

by Valentine, Nicole (Author)

ISBN: 9781541555389

He believes in science, but only magic can help his mom. Twelve-year-old Finn is used to people in his family disappearing. His twin sister, Faith, drowned when they were three years old. A few months ago, his mom abandoned him and his dad with no explanation. Finn clings to the concrete facts in his physics books-and to his best friend, Gabi-to ward off his sadness. But then his grandmother tells him a secret: the women in their family are Travelers, able to move back and forth in time. Finn's mom is trapped somewhere in the timeline, and she's left Finn a portal to find her. But to succeed, he'll have to put his trust in something bigger than logic. Macmillan Kids Only (All Imprints) Spring 2019

Age Range: From 8 to 9

Format: Hardcover, 352 pages

Publisher: Carolrhoda Books ?, October 2019

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