Through the Town: Follow the Trail

by Hamilton, Libby (Author), Haworth, Katie (Author), Shuttlewood, Craig (Author)

ISBN: 9781499800760

Die-cut grooves invite small fingers to follow a snake through a town.

Age Range: From 2 to 5

Format: Board Books, 10 pages

Publisher: Little Bee Books, May 2015

Product Dimensions: 8.2 L × 8.2 W × 0.4 H

Publisher Marketing: In this interactive novelty board book, little ones trace a die-cut trail to explore a town.

Use your finger to trace a trail through town! This interactive board book lets little ones explore the world by tracing a tactile pathway. Each spread will feature a vehicle on its way through the town, showcasing opposites along the way, such as a train going over a bridge and under the ground, and a car going up and down the street.

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