Happy Birthday, Little Pookie

by Boynton, Sandra (Author), Boynton, Sandra (Author)

ISBN: 9781481497701

Wake up and celebrate Little Pookie’s big day in this way-too-early board book from the beloved and bestselling Sandra Boynton. Is that you, little Pookie? It’s not even light. You ought to be sleeping. Look outside. It’s still night. But it’s my birthday! Birthday! Birthday! Pookie can’t wait to celebrate! There’s only one problem: It’s still nighttime and everyone is asleep. With Sandra Boynton’s signature charm and piggy pizzazz, this surprising (yawn) story proves that every Little Pookie loves birthdays…even before daybreak!

Age Range: From 1 to 5

Format: Board Books, 18 pages

Publisher: Little Simon, August 2017

Product Dimensions: 5.8 L × 5 W × 0.6 H

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