Where Is Little Fish?

by Cousins, Lucy (Author), Cousins, Lucy (Author)

ISBN: 9780763694869

Play hide-and-seek with Lucy Cousins's Little Fish as the effervescent little guy finds clever cover beneath the flaps.

Is that Little Fish hiding behind the yellow coral? No, it's stripy fish! How about inside the shell? That's shelly fish, of course! Open up the treasure chest (hi, crab!) and peek behind the red coral (so that's where curly whirly and twisty twirly went off to!). Children will leave no oyster shell uncracked and no clump of seaweed unexplored in their search for this bright and sprightly new friend from the creator of Maisy. Penguin: Young Readers Group Spring 2019

Format: Board Books, 16 pages

Publisher: Candlewick, March 2018

Product Dimensions: 6.3 L × 6.2 W × 0.4 H

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