OOPS! (Diaper David )

by Shannon, David (Author)

ISBN: 9780439688826

Oops! Did somebody make a mess?! Join David as he finds himself in a few sticky situations, and learn his five favorite words along the way. From throwing a ball to riding a tricycle to taking a bath, David sometimes has a little too much fun. But he knows there's nothing better than cuddling with Mama at the end of a busy and exciting day. With the same irresistible humor and vibrant style as his award-winning No, David! books, David Shannon takes us back to the early years of his most beloved character. Perfect for beginning readers as well as for the youngest children!

Age Range: From 2 to 5

Format: Board Books, 12 pages

Publisher: Blue Sky Press (AZ), February 2005

Product Dimensions: 7.04 L × 6.68 W × 0.57 H

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