The Sleepover

by Malone, Jen (Author)

ISBN: 9781481452618

Four girls have a sleepover but awaken to find a big mess and no memory of how it all happened.

Age Range: From 9 to 13

Format: Hardcover, 240 pages

Publisher: Aladdin, May 2016

Product Dimensions: 8.3 L × 5.7 W × 0.8 H

Publisher Marketing: Publisher Marketing: From the author of At Your Service and the coauthor of You re Invited comes a laugh-out-loud romp about three besties who must piece together what happened after an epic sleepover becomes more than just karaoke and sundaes!

Meghan, Paige, and Anna-Marie are super excited for the Best. Night. Ever. The sleepover they re planning is going to be nothing short of EPIC. Not even the last-minute addition of Anna-Marie s socially awkward, soon-to-be stepsister Veronica can dampen their spirits.

But nothing prepares them for the scene that greets them when they awaken the next morning: the basement is a disaster, Meghan s left eyebrow has been shaved off and she is somehow in possession of the Class Bad Boy s signature hoodie, and there s a slew of baby chicks in the bathtub! Worst of all, Anna-Marie is missing!

Trouble is, none of them can remember anything beyond the hypnotism trick performed by the two-bit magician Veronica arranged in an effort to impress the other girls. Now, as the clock is ticking and the clues continue to get weirder, the remaining girls must figure out exactly what happened the night before. Can they find Anna-Marie and pull off the ultimate save-face before parent pick-up time?

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