The Unstoppable Wasp: Unlimited Vol. 1: Fix Everything

by Whitley, Jeremy (Author), Gurihiru (Author)

ISBN: 9781302914264

Back by popular demand, it's Nadia Van Dyne - the Unstoppable Wasp! And her team of girl scientists is along for the ride too! With the backing of Janet Van Dyne, the original Wasp, there's no problem the Agents of G.I.R.L. can't solve! But they're not the only acronym-toting science organization out there - and when A.I.M. strikes, Nadia and the ladies of Genius In action Research Labs answer the call! But who is A.I.M.'s new super-powered lieutenant? How does this new foe know Nadia? And what does A.I.M.'s plan have to do with Nadia's father, Hank Pym? Plus, a girls' night out for Nadia and Jan! Tensions run high as G.I.R.L. prepares for their big science expo debut! And Nadia meets her match in the form of a returning fan-favorite female fighter!

COLLECTING: THE UNSTOPPABLE WASP 1-6 Simon & Schuster Fall 2019 Children's Author Tours

Format: Paperback, 120 pages

Publisher: Marvel, May 2019

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