The Prodigy: A Novel

by Feinstein, John (Author)

ISBN: 9780374305956

Seventeen-year-old Frank Baker is a golfing sensation. He's set to earn a full-ride scholarship to the university of his choice, but his single dad has very different plans for him in mind: He wants his son to skip college and turn pro. To protect this gifted player from his own father's bad decisions, Frank's coach enlists a former- professional-golfer-turned-journalist to become Frank's secret adviser. Pressure mounts when after reaching the final of the U.S. Amateur Championship, the prodigy wins himself an automatic invitation to the Masters Tournament. And when the highschool senior, against all odds, starts tearing up the course at Augusta National, sponsors are desperate for a chance to attach his name to their products. But Frank's entry in the Masters hinges on maintaining his standing as an amateur. Can he and his secret adviser-who has his own conflicts-keep his dad at bay long enough to bring home the legendary green jacket?

Age Range: From 12 to 18

Format: Hardcover, 384 pages

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR), August 2018

Product Dimensions: 8.3 L × 5.4 W × 0 H

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