Everything Asian

by Woo, Sung J (Author)

ISBN: 9780312385095

Format: Paperback, 328 pages

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin, July 2010

Product Dimensions: 8.22 L × 5.4 W × 0.89 H

Publisher Marketing: You're twelve years old. A month has passed since your Korean Air flight landed at lovely Newark Airport. Your fifteen-year-old sister is miserable. Your mother isn't exactly happy, either. You're seeing your father for the first time in five years, and although he's nice enough, he might be, well--how can you put this delicately?--a loser.

You can't speak English, but that doesn't stop you from working at East Meets West, your father's gift shop in a strip mall, where everything is new.

Welcome to the wonderful world of David Kim.

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