The Great White Shark Scientist ( Scientists in the Field (Hardcover) )

by Montgomery, Sy (Author), Ellenbogen, Keith (Photographer)

ISBN: 9780544352988

In this new installment in the award-winning, non-fiction series Scientists in the Field, author Sy Montgomery and expert underwater photographer Keith Ellenbogen daringly investigate one of the ocean s greatest enigmas and one of the world s deadliest predators: The Great White Shark.

Age Range: From 10 to 12

Format: Hardcover, 70 pages

Publisher: Hmh Books for Young Readers, June 2016

Product Dimensions: 9.1 L × 11.1 W × 0.6 H

Publisher Marketing: Publisher Marketing: Dr. Greg Skomal, biologist and head of the Massachusetts Shark Research Program, is investigating a controversial possibility: Might Cape Cod s waters serve as a breeding ground for the great white shark, the largest and most feared predatory fish on Earth? Sy Montgomery and Keith Ellenbogen report on this thrilling turning point in marine research and travel to Guadeloupe, Mexico, to get up close and personal with the sharks. This daring expedition into the realm of great whites shows readers that in order to save the planet and its creatures, we must embrace our humanity and face our greatest fears.

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