The Sign of the Beaver

by Speare, Elizabeth George (Author)

ISBN: 9780395338902

Until the day his father returns to their cabin in the Maine wilderness, 12-year-old Matt must try to survive on his own. During an attack by swarming bees, Matt is rescued by an Indian chief and his grandson. A Newbery Honor Book.

Age Range: From 10 to 12

Format: Hardcover, 144 pages

Publisher: Harcourt Brace and Company, April 1983

Product Dimensions: 8.52 L × 5.81 W × 0.75 H

Publisher Marketing: Publisher Marketing: Left alone to guard the family's wilderness home in eighteenth-century Maine, a boy is hard-pressed to survive until local Indians teach him their skills. Matt joins other memorable characters, Kit, Julie, and Karana, finding his inner strength and values in a changing world in this well-written and fast-reading story. -- School Library Journal, starred review

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