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Favorite Fiction for Girls | Age 10-12

With humor and heartbreak this lovely collection celebrates the complex, unique, and wonderful experience of being a girl. The girls in these stories will inspire, fascinate, and touch the reader.

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Month 1
Raymie Nightingale
by DiCamillo, Kate
Month 2
The Seventh Most Important Thing
by Pearsall, Shelley
Month 3
Valkyrie ( Valkyrie #01 )
by O'Hearn, Kate
Month 4
by Pennypacker, Sara
Month 5
The Girl in the Well Is Me
by Rivers, Karen
Month 6
Hour of the Bees
by Eagar, Lindsay
Month 7
by Condie, Ally
Month 8
Some Kind of Happiness
by Legrand, Claire
Month 9
Wolf Hollow
by Wolk, Lauren
Month 10
The Seventh Wish
by Messner, Kate
Month 11
Click Here to Start (a Novel)
by Markell, Denis
Month 12
A Most Magical Girl
by Foxlee, Karen

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