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Secrets at Cedar Cabin

by Coble, Colleen (Author)

ISBN: 9780718085865

Six months after her wedding, Brenna Fleming discovers she wasn't really married to Kyle Bearcroft. He's already married to another woman and seems to be involved in a shadowy underworld. The only property in Brenna's name is a house in a small town in Washington called Lavender Tides. She's never seen it, but Kyle made sly references to it on occasion and told her she might find some interesting stories in the town. She wonders if she can find out the truth about the man she married at this mysterious house.

When her grandmother is found wandering the streets in a state of confusion, Brenna decides to take her grandmother and move to the house in Lavender Tides to care for her. Plus, it will get her away from her controlling mother.

When she arrives in Lavender Tides, Ellie Blackmore hires her to help care for her blind brother, Jason Blackwell, a contractor in town. He's not happy about it and thinks he can handle things on his own. He's sure the blindness from his head injury won't be permanent-and the last thing he wants is a nursemaid.

Her second week there, she runs into a woman who looks very much like herself, and all of Brenna's illusions about who she is come tumbling down. Her husband wasn't really her husband; is her family not really her birth family either?

When Brenna starts receiving threatening phone calls, she grows even more determined to track down the truth. Everything points back to an earthquake on the day she was born, but why? With lies coming at her from every direction, can she trust anyone, even Jason?

Month*: 2

Format: Hardcover, 352 pages

Publisher: Thomas Nelson, January 2019

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