Crash Override: How Gamergate (Nearly) Destroyed My Life, and How We Can Win the Fight Against Online Hate

by Quinn, Zoe (Author)

ISBN: 9781610398084

Every single bad thing that can happen to someone on the internet has happened to Zoe Quinn over the past few years. An independent video game designer, she was once a low-profile internet citizen, living and working online like a growing number of Americans. But when an abusive ex posted an online screed, including naked photos, her home address, and phone number, as well as that of her friends, family, and colleagues, the dark side of the internet came to life. She became the first victim of the infamous #Gamergate controversy. She suffered rape threats, death threats, doxing, and has had to move several times for her safety. But she has come out on the other side, and is now the face of a movement to fight back against internet trolls and online harassment. What happened to Quinn can happen to anyone. It doesn't take much: Maybe you express a political opinion and it gets noticed by the wrong person. Maybe someone who has a grudge against you is relentless enough to use the amazing connectivity of the web to track your every move and attempt to undermine you at every turn. Maybe you're a member of a demographic that is constantly targeted--you're a woman, you're black, you're trans, or any combination of these or other marginalized groups--and someone wants to get people like you off "their" internet. Online abusers target countless people every year, for countless arbitrary reasons. Crash Override offers a firsthand look inside the controversy, threats, and social and cultural battles that started in the dark corners of the internet and exploded into our consciousness. Quinn tells her story, and why she decided to become the resistance instead of a refugee from the internet. But it's also a manifesto to finally seriously address online harassment and change internet culture for good. And really, who better than a kick-ass video game designer to spearhead the redesign of the internet, making it a safer, better place for everyone?

Format: Hardcover, 256 pages

Publisher: PublicAffairs, September 2017

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