Fast: Poems

by Graham, Jorie (Author)

ISBN: 9780062663498

The latest collection of poetry from Pulitzer Prize winner Jorie Graham “A fascinating mosaic that explores what it means to live and die at a time when technology is redefining our existence......moving...[an] important book.” (The Washington Post) In her first new collection in five years—her most exhilarating, personal, and formally inventive to date—Jorie Graham explores the limits of the human and the uneasy seductions of the post-human. Conjuring an array of voices and perspectives—from bots to the holy shroud, to the ocean floor, to a medium transmitting from beyond the grave—these poems give urgent form to the ever-increasing pace of transformation of our planet and ourselves. As it navigates cyber life; 3D printed “life”; life after death; and biologically, chemically, and electronically modified life, Fast lights up the border of our new condition as individuals and as a species on the brink.

Format: Paperback, 96 pages

Publisher: Ecco, April 2018

Product Dimensions: 9.1 L × 7.4 W × 0.2 H

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