The Cuban Affair: A Novel

by DeMille, Nelson (Author)

ISBN: 9781501199011

Daniel Graham MacCormick-Mac for short-seems to have a pretty good life. At age thirty-five he's living in Key West, owner of a forty-two-foot charter fishing boat, The Maine. Mac served five years in the Army as an infantry officer with two tours in Afghanistan. He returned with the Silver Star, two Purple Hearts, scars that don't tan, and a boat with a big bank loan. Truth be told, Mac's finances are more than a little shaky.

Mac learns that there is sixty million American dollars hidden in Cuba by Sara's grandfather when he fled Castro's revolution. With the Cuban Thaw underway between Havana and Washington, Carlos, Eduardo, and Sara know it's only a matter of time before someone finds the stash-by accident or on purpose. And Mac knows if he accepts this job, he'll walk away rich...or not at all.

The Cuban Affair is a timely stay-up-all-night, nail-biting page-turner featuring Nelson DeMille's iconic tongue-in-cheek, articulate, rhythmic narrative. His affably irreverent protagonist, fantastic believable supporting characters, and tense, realistic Cuba-set scenes including some jaw-dropping revelations make this a must read (Library Journal, starred review).

Genuinely gripping (Newsday), told with incredible wit (Tampa Bay Times), The Cuban Affair feels authentic and real, and it provides knuckle-white tension mixed in with levity (Associated Press).

Format: Paperback, 448 pages

Publisher: Simon & Schuster, June 2018

Product Dimensions: 8.4 L × 5.5 W × 1.1 H

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