The Choice: Embrace the Possible

by Eger, Edith Eva (Author)

ISBN: 9781501130793

It's 1944 and sixteen-year-old ballerina and gymnast Edith Eger is sent to Auschwitz. Separated from her parents on arrival, she endures unimaginable experiences, including being made to dance for the infamous Josef Mengele. When the camp is finally liberated, she is pulled from a pile of bodies, barely alive.

The horrors of the Holocaust didn't break Edith. In fact, they helped her learn to live again with a life-affirming strength and a truly remarkable resilience. The Choice is her unforgettable story.

Format: Paperback, 320 pages

Publisher: Scribner, September 2018

Product Dimensions: 8.4 L × 5.5 W × 0.9 H

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