As Long as We Both Shall Live: A Novel

by Chaney, JoAnn (Author)

ISBN: 9781250076397

My wife! I think she's dead! Matt frantically tells park rangers that he and his wife, Marie, were hiking when she fell off a cliff into the raging river below. They all start a search, but they aren't hopeful: no one could have survived that fall. It was a tragic accident.

But Matt's first wife also died in suspicious circumstances. And when the police pull a body out of the river, they have a lot more questions for Matt.

Detectives Loren and Spengler want to know if Matt is a grieving husband or a cold-blooded murderer. They know you can't be married to someone without sometimes wanting to bash them over the head, so they dig into the couple's lives to see what they can unearth. And they find that love's got teeth, it's got claws, and once it hitches you to a person, it's tough to rip yourself free.

So what happens when you're done making it work?

Format: Hardcover, 336 pages

Publisher: Flatiron Books, January 2019

Product Dimensions: 9.6 L × 6.4 W × 1.2 H

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