Lake Success: A Novel

by Shteyngart, Gary (Author)

ISBN: 9780812987201

When his dream of the perfect marriage, the perfect son, and the perfect life implodes, a self-made Wall Street millionaire takes a cross-country bus trip in search of his college sweetheart and ideals of youth.

There's life in the old road trip saga yet. That's just one of the many things that Gary Shteyngart's spectacular, sprawling new novel Lake Success affirms.... An artistic tour de force. Maureen Corrigan, Fresh Air

In this biting, emotionally resonant novel very much of our times, two imperfect, brilliantly realized characters navigate the Shteyngartian chaos of their own making. Myopic, narcissistic, hilariously self-deluded and divorced from the real world as most of us know it, hedge fund manager Barry Cohen oversees $2.4 billion in assets. Deeply stressed by an SEC investigation and by his 3-year-old son's diagnosis of autism, he flees New York on a Greyhound bus in search of a simpler, more romantic life with his old college sweetheart. Meanwhile, his super-smart wife Seema-a driven first-generation American who craved the picture-perfect life that comes with wealth-has her own demons to face.

Story Locale: New York, NY; Baltimore, MD; Richmond, VA; Atlanta, GA; Jackson, MS; El Paso, TX; Juarez, Mexico; Rhinebeck, NY

Publication History: Random House HC (9/18) Macmillan Adult Only Winter 2019

Age Range: From 18 to 0

Format: Paperback, 352 pages

Publisher: Random House Trade Paperbacks, March 2019

Product Dimensions: 8 L × 5.2 W × 0 H

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