Lady Cop Makes Trouble ( Kopp Sisters Novel )

by Stewart, Amy (Author)

ISBN: 9780544947139

Format: Paperback, 320 pages

Publisher: Mariner Books, May 2017

Publisher Marketing: Publisher Marketing: An American answer to Maisie Dobbs. USA Today

An unforgettable, not-to-be-messed-with heroine . . .The rest is kickass history. Marie Claire

Stewart gives us three sisters whose bond scratchy and well-worn but stronger for it is unspoken but effortless. NPR

Constance Kopp is six feet tall, lives on a quiet farm with her two sisters, and yearns for fulfilling work. But the Kopp sisters aren t going to be living the quiet life anymore. They ve made headlines fighting back against a ruthless silk factory owner and his gang of thugs. And after Bergen County s Sheriff Heath sees Constance in action, he appoints her as one of the nation s first female deputies. He knows she s a powerful addition to his force and she knows she can do the job, but when the wiles of a German-speaking con man threaten her position and her hopes for this new life and risk the honorable sheriff being thrown in his own jail Constance will be forced to prove herself again. Lady Cop Makes Trouble sets Constance loose on the streets of New York City and New Jersey tracking down victims, trailing leads, and dodging the uncomfortable attentions of the press. Based on the Kopp sisters real-life adventures, Girl Waits with Gun introduced the sensational lives of Constance Kopp and her unconventional sisters to an army of enthusiastic readers. This second installment, also ripped from the headlines, takes us further into the romping, riveting story of a woman who defied expectations, forged her own path, and tackled crime and nefarious criminals! along the way.

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