The Sentence Is Death: A Novel

by Horowitz, Anthony (Author)

ISBN: 9780062676849

You shouldn't be here. It's too late. . . .

These, heard over the phone, are the last recorded words of successful celebrity- divorce lawyer Richard Pryce, found bludgeoned to death in his bachelor pad with a bottle of wine-a 1982 Château Lafite worth £2,000, to be precise.

Odd, considering he didn't drink. Why this bottle? And why those words? And why did the killer paint a three-digit number on the wall? And, most important, which of the man's many, many enemies did the deed?

Baffled, the police are forced to bring in Private Investigator Daniel Hawthorne and his sidekick, the author Anthony Horowitz-who's really getting rather good at this murder investigation business.

But as Hawthorne takes on the case with characteristic relish, it becomes clear that he, too, has secrets to hide. As our reluctant narrator becomes ever more embroiled in the case, he realizes that these secrets must be exposed-even at the risk of death. LLF Staff Suggestions for April LibraryReads List

Format: Paperback, 400 pages

Publisher: Harper Perennial, May 2020

Product Dimensions: 8 L × 5.3 W × 0.9 H

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