The Traveler's Gift: A Story of Loss and Hope

by Davison, Danielle (Author), Lambelet, Anne (Author)

ISBN: 9781624147654

Liam loved his father's stories of life at sea. But one day, his father's ship doesn't return, and Liam's love of stories fades. Then the Traveler, a mysterious old man who spins stories with a magical beard like a tapestry, arrives, reminding Liam of his father. They embark on the Traveler's final voyage together, and before the journey ends, the Traveler passes on his magical gift to Liam.

Woven with themes of loss, discovery, and friendship, this poignant tale captures the unexpected magic of shared stories and refound hope. Macmillan Publishers | Kids Only (All Imprints) Winter 2020

Age Range: From 4 to 8

Format: Hardcover, 40 pages

Publisher: Page Street Kids, October 2019

Product Dimensions: 10.7 L × 8.7 W × 0.4 H

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