The Space Walk

by Biggs, Brian (Author), Biggs, Brian (Author)

ISBN: 9780525553373

One small step for man is one giant leap for friendship in this funny kid-level space adventure

Astronaut Randolph Witherspoon wants to take a walk-a space walk, that is! But Ground Control has other ideas. Randolph must eat some lunch, get some exercise, and then he can go outside, provided he dresses warmly and doesn't talk to strangers. But Randolph's mission doesn't exactly go to plan, leading to an unexpected new friend.

Brian Biggs puts an interstellar spin on the parent-child relationship in this hilarious new picture book. Penguin Young Readers Fall 2019 Display Catalog

Age Range: From 3 to 7

Format: Hardcover, 40 pages

Publisher: Dial Books, October 2019

Product Dimensions: 11.3 L × 10 W × 0.4 H

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