The Only Fish in the Sea

by Stead, Philip C. (Author), Cordell, Matthew (Author)

ISBN: 9781626722828

Did you hear about little Amy Scott? She got a goldfish for her birthday and then just threw it in the ocean! That doesn't seem right. I guess Sherman and Sadie will have to go save little Ellsworth (every fish deserves a proper name) on their own. They'll need: A boat Fishing gear Twenty-one pink balloons A bucket of paint And Appropriate headwear in case of weather--good or bad Don't worry. Ellsworth is in good hands now, but what ever happened to little Amy Scott? Join Sadie (Special Delivery) on another adventure

Age Range: From 3 to 6

Format: Hardcover, 40 pages

Publisher: Roaring Brook Press, August 2017

Product Dimensions: 8.8 L × 10.8 W × 0.5 H

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